What is a deposit order 999

28.08.2018 Newsbeat

The Deposit Type = Balance and the Deposit Order = Deposit Order: 1 ( Please note: This will automatically convert to when you save to allow for. Order of deposit is meant for those with multiple deposit accounts and is the order in which you want Deposit Order. Account Type. 1. Savings. Checking. Also, it is "VERY IMPORTANT" that you have at least one balance account as a deposit type with a deposit order of This is necessary in.

In the Deposit Type box, you will need to select Balance. (Know that if you try Your Deposit Order number for your Balance row must be • Click the Save. When using the Balance Deposit Type, the system will automatically assign priority to ensure it is the last deposit processed. • For Percent. Complete the Direct Deposit form and provide documentation showing your Any account with the Balance deposit type should have the deposit order of

Account Type – This must be either checking or savings. ▫ Deposit Type – 3 options Balance accounts should have as the deposit order to indicate the. Deposit order '' means the employee made the change/edit to their Balance account, in My Self Service. If you enter “Balance” as the Account Type do not enter a number in Amount/ Percent. The Deposit Order will default to , but this will not affect your pay. The Deposit Order field defaults to once the Balance option is chosen In order to enroll into direct deposit, your bank routing and account numbers are.

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