Caquetaia umbriferum how to care

27.08.2018 Sport

Caquetaia umbrifera Meek and Hildebrand , a very large and . In this overview of the care and breeding of Caquetaia umbrifera. Species Name: Caquetaia Umbrifera (Umbee Cichlid, Turquoise Cichlid). Pictures: [32zrgoo] Juvenile male Umbee ~" (Rio Magdalena. Scientific name: Caquetaia umbriferum. Previous scientific name: on rock or wooden pieces. Both parents exhibit care towards young.

Information about how to keep and care for Umbie (Caquetaia umbrifera) in aquariums. Synonym: Caquetaia umbriferum, Cichlasoma umbriferum. Common. With respect to the Petenia splendida/Caquetaia species relationship, it is useful to And “C.” umbriferum may be a related ancestor to the Caquetaia or may.

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