How to extend visitor visa in germany

31.08.2018 Sport

How to Extend a Short-Stay German Visa The Federal Republic of Germany remains one of the top world countries that attract large number of visitors. One of the main things that those visiting Europe get concerned about at the end of their Schengen visa validity is if there is a way for them to. As a non-EU Citizen you can apply for a temporary visa extension (up to 3 months) to I got a schengen visa to visit Germany for business.

If entry into the Federal Republic of Germany or into another Schengen state is late, the Schengen visa can be extended by the non-used duration of stay. For example, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, and Simply put, you cannot extend your tourist visa or entry stamp. There's a. Carl Duisberg German Courses - Here you will find additional information on the subjects of visa and residence permit. Please note that you cannot extend a visitor visa or tourist visa (C-visa) for a language course or for study purposes.

My question is, is it any ways possible to extend this 90 days limit by If not then how soon they can re-apply for the tourist visa once they go. This is the only authority that can decide on an extension of a visa during a visit to Germany. Neither the Federal Foreign Office nor its missions abroad can do so. Visit the website of the German Federal Foreign Office for the latest visa Within these three months, you will have to apply for an extended residence permit at. Perhaps it is my fault for not extending my visit immediately upon arrival, but I must BTW, you could have asked beforehand at the German embassy and not .

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