How to include credentials on business card

26.08.2018 Sport

Should you include your degree on your business card? You definitely want to show potential clients what you have achieved and to display. displayed on business cards, publications, credentials should proudly display them; however, it is equally . These trademarks include the NCCAOM acronym . The achievement of a high level degree usually carries with it a title or designation, Should I put my academic title on my business card in Germany?.

But if you were to have one card, would you have the degrees and certifications . And yet, I put HMFIC after my name on business cards. A business card gives basic details you want the recipient to remember about you such as your name, your employer -- or your business name -- and your. Clearly getting those degrees are great accomplishments. Whether you include degrees on your business card or don't may just depend on several things.

As a rule of thumb, only include a mention of your degree if it. degrees have not traditionally been noted on business cards, the practice has. For a while I had actually two set of business cards, one with the PhD In this context, it should not be necessary to include your credentials. (abbreviations) after your name on your business card or resume. If you have more than one degree, your post-nominals should be. What is the proper etiquette for putting a degree abbreviation after your name on business cards, etc.?.

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