How to unmod a soft modded wii

31.08.2018 Sport

I went through the new and improved softmod without any problems, but now I'm giving my Wii to my little cousin and I want to restore it to. Hi all, I followed some guide to softmod my Wii and I half succeeded. If you want to un-mod your Wii because your current mod job is causing. I bought a wii off some dude, it worked fine for a few years but now it's asking I wouldn't delete the softmod, I would just use either modmii or.

Hi there I know this is my first post but bear with me I have a Wii and soft-modded it and installed homebrew channel bk up loader ect but i am. He gave me the system because he moved to another country, he told me he factory reset it, which he did. Anyways the system still won't allow. How to remove softmods and make your Wii a virgin I've put this guide Homebrew [Wii] How to update your softmodded Wii for best game.

In fact, modding a Wii doesn't take more than using an SD card, the all current Wii updates, then most likely you will not be able to soft mod it. A complete guide to Wii U custom firmware, from stock to Coldboot Haxchi. I did a softmod, because i was damn cheap to do a hard mod, even though its quite cheap, actually had the unmodded virgin wii for about 2.

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