How to use npcscan for aeonaxx

13.02.2019 Sport

Without the old NPCscan auto-detecting, it makes Aeonaxx pretty inconvenient to camp Camp in American Offtimes using serverHopper also. Aeonaxx, Npc Scan/Overlay/Silverdragon. General . If you can mouse over them, what's the use of an addon to alert you they are near?. NPC scan is an absolute necessity if you plan on finding Aeonaxx. You can download it from I also highly recommend downloading.

Aeonaxx is a rare spawn in Deepholm, that has % chance to drop the Next step is to go to Interface -> Addons -> NPC Scan and box the “Unmute for Another good strategy for farming him: Make use of OQueue and. Thus, to have Aeonaxx trigger an NPCScan alert without my active .. on the settings i use, or test out some random alpha builds and so on:). Aeonaxx is a level 92 Elite NPC that can be found in Deepholm. The location of this NPC is unknown. In the NPCs category. Added in World of Warcraft.

I've started my Aeonaxx camping March 4, Quick note though, when he spawned, NPCscan did not place the marker on target. .. I did use the Cross Realm Assist addon, which sometimes allowed me to jump over to. The Stonemother has shown little concern for the rebellious Aeonaxx, even allowing his spawn to be taken from her realm. He is much like Time-Lost Proto.

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