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After two months, since the first time I've become Super Junior fan I always listen to their songs,and find so many interesting lyrics and. 년 3월 14일 What If Hangul 쌓여가는 시간들은 아마도 욕심을 부르나 봐요 어제보다 오늘 더 아파진걸 girl 나를 향한 미소에도 마냥 행복할 수 없어진. Original lyrics of What If song by SUPER JUNIOR. Explain your version of song meaning, find more of SUPER JUNIOR lyrics. Watch official video, print or.

년 6월 4일 If our loving memories that constantly appear. Before my eyes are completely burnt. I will be like a shadow without origin. Wandering in a daze. Cheetah (ft. Hanhae) As if it's not a big deal, just like always But as if my actions are broken, it keeps squeaking I'm gonna write my lyrics. Even if I turn the hands of the clock and change the world If only I could cast a spell with love CategoriesSuper Junior, Super Junior KRY Tagsdorothy, english, kpop, lirik lagu, lyrics, translation. 3 Replies to “Super Junior – Dorothy” . Cheetah, Cheeze, Dalchong (CHEEZE), Cheongdamdong Scandal.

Tune your ears in - can't you hear the small whisper? Wherever you hear it, I will be with you Even if you're far away, the wind calls you This. Super Junior – ing (중). Every time I thought of you, I'm in enough pain, I'm in pain even if you don't check. I'm not in pain because I miss. Oh, it's here Feels like I can do anything with you I don't care if anyone sees I wanna get messy, who cares? I feel free, how about you? This is.

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