What are the smiley face tricks

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Smiley Face Tricks for Writing. Mary Ellen Ledbetter Workshop --Strengthening your students' writing and reading BER. 1. MAGIC THREE: Three items in a. Example. "The house was situated higher than most in the town atop a hill and facing east. It was 2-story and white with black shutters, the kind. Smiley Face Tricks. A Better Way to Write. Magic 3. Three examples in series can create a poetic rhythm or at least add support for a point, especially when the.

Smiley Face Tricks. Tricks of the writing trade to help you meet and exceed writing expectations. Ideas developed by Mary Ellen Ledbetter. Powerpoint created. Writers engage readers by Specific Details for Effect Sensory Images --details Instead of general, vague descriptions, specific sensory details help the reader. #1: MAGIC 3. Three parallel groups of words, usually separated by commas, that create a poetic rhythm or add support for a point, especially when the three.

Smiley-Face Tricks~With many thanks to MaryEllen Ledbetter 1~ MAGIC 3—Lists , examples, adjectivs three examples in a series can create.

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