Who beats nasus late game

28.08.2018 Sport

wtf I have beat Nasus as teemo probably hundreds of times and Well just never let there be a late game and you won't have to worry then. Had some 1v1's with my friend yesterday blind pick, and he picked nasus and i picked zed. I soon came to realise who strong he is late game. 60 minutes in and you run into a nasus with q farm what champ are you to beat him?.

Is there any other melee AD that yasuo does beat 1v1 lategame? to "who wins late game 6 item nasus v *insert champion who can kite here*. Now late game AD Sion will beat everyone in game assuming they fight him head on with his ult but Nasus will beat him when his ult is not. Beating Nasus feels like an accomplishment, especially if the game goes past 30 minutes. So, how do you do it? How do you take League's top.

How do people tend to beat him, or even better, what makes you beat other champs as Nasus? .. Teemo's blind saves late game vs Nasus. however against a trynd, he scales almost as hard as you (everyone knows that late game demigod trynd who 2hits your carries). Unlike maokai, j4, garen, xin. Now his strongest phases are laning past level 5 and late game with level 16+. Also don't be afraid to slow him down with your Q. Another thing that counters Nasus is Armor. Maybe get a Tank beats Bruiser/Mage.

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