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Who knows one? I know one! One is Hashem, one is Hashem, one is Hashem! In the Heaven and the Earth. אחד אלוהינו שבשמיים ובארץ.א. 2. Who knows two?. I know one! One is the Lord, one is the Lord, one is the Lord Two are the tablets that Moses brought. One is the Lord Who knows three? I know three!. Echad Mi Yodea (Yiddish: ווער קענ זאָגן ווער קענ רעדן ver ken zogn ver ken redn) ( Ladino: "ken supyese i entendyese") (Hebrew: אחד מי יודע ekhád mi yodeá) ( Bukhori: Yakumin ki medonad?) (Who Knows One?) is a traditional cumulative song sung on Passover and .. watch Echad Mi Yodea video with Hebrew lyrics and English translation.

Who knows 1? I know one—One is Hashem in heaven and on earth. Who knows 2? I know two—Two are the tablets that Moshe brought. One is our Hashem in. Listen to the Hebrew song with video and audio, Hebrew lyrics with Nikud ( vowels), and an English Who Knows One? Echad Mi Yodea: Hebrew Lyrics #1. here are the lyrics who knows one one is hashem in the heavens in the earth who knows two. Reply. A. Anonymous April 21, chabad org audio classes I .

Enrich your Passover experience, explore how Sephardic communities developed a variety of lyrics and melodies for their Ladino adaptations.

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