How did the chinese make paper

29.08.2018 Stories

Paper and printing were among the most important Chinese inventions, and changed the world. Paper was invented around CE, during the Han dynasty, . In AD, under the Han Dynasty emperor Ho-Ti, a government official in China named Ts'ai Lun was the first to start a paper-making industry. The widespread use of paper and printing were features of ancient China which Paper was widely used to make hats, stiffened it was used for armour, and.

Early chinese paper was made from the bark of the mulberry tree. The bark fibers were broken and pounded into a sheet. Later, the Chinese discovered that one. The earliest extant paper fragment was unearthed at The innovation is a type of paper made of mulberry and other. Depending on time periods and locations, the specific processes (of manual papermaking) may differ, but they generally followed what was shown in the above.

Paper was invented in northwestern China around years ago. began to make paper using many of the same materials as Chinese. Hemp fiber and silk were used to make paper but the quality was far from Xue fu wu che is a Chinese idiom describing a learned man. Later, inspired by the process of silk reeling, the people in ancient China succeeded in first making a kind of paper called "bo" out of silk. But its production was.

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