How to debug php project in eclipse

30.08.2018 Stories

Debugging a PHP Web Page. This procedure describes how to debug whole applications, projects, files or collections of files that are already on the server. PDT 's Debugging feature can detect and diagnose errors in PHP code Debugging PHP Web Pages - Debugging files, applications and projects on your . To debug a PHP script situated on your workspace: It allows you to manage and create PHP projects and files. PHP Debug.

XDebug is an opensource Debugger and Profiler for PHP. in support for Xdebug, which allows you to step-debug through your PHP projects. you can use PHPStorm as IDE better than eclipse IDE. Using Eclipse PDT to debug PHP isn't as hard as you might think. you will need to install Xdebug and configure your project in Eclipse.

The PHP Development Tools (PDT) plug-in, when installed with Eclipse Europa, gives you You'll understand the various parts of the PDT project's PHP Debug. The eclipse will ask for a workspace location where it will store all the project related information. A workspace is a group of related projects.

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