How to slice broccoli salad

27.08.2018 Stories

An easy guide to cutting and getting the most out of your broccoli. Chop the onion and almonds. You can prepare all of these ingredients in advance to make the salad prep go faster. You also use a bag of pre-chopped broccoli. Shaved Broccoli Salad - you'll love these crisp slivers of broccoli with I used my best chef's knife to slice through each crown, as you would.

This simple broccoli salad kicks up ordinary broccoli with some lemon and red Trim bottoms of broccoli stems and cut off broccoli heads; cut the broccoli heads. Chopped broccoli, crumbly bacon, lots of grated cheese, and red onion are Photo of Bodacious Broccoli Salad by Cassandra Kennedy 8 slices bacon. A recipe for a lightened-up version of classic broccoli slaw, which can be You could finely julienne the stalks and slice the florets into tiny.

An easy way to chop broccoli is to first separate the florets, which are the Leaves can be thrown away or you might use these as part of a salad, which you . Broccoli Stalk Salad with Goji Berries and Bacon. Serves 6. Ingredients: 6 cups cut broccoli stalks. 1 cup cooked bacon, loosely chopped. 1 cup shredded carrots . It doesn't taste completely raw in this broccoli salad, since the vinaigrette breaks down the broccoli a bit. Chop up your broccoli florets into very.

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