Howards x beam rods

28.08.2018 Stories

Howards, GM Duramax L Extreme Duty X-Beam Billet RodsBR ♢ New X-Beam Extreme Duty DesignBR ♢ American Certified Aircraft Quality SteelBR. These Extreme Duty X-Beam forged billet connecting rods are designed to provide the ultimate in strength and durability. These rods start with certified . Howards Cams Extreme Duty X-Beam forged connecting rods are bronze- bushed for floating pins, while 7/16 in. ARP cap screw fasteners secure the caps.

Ultimate X Connecting Rods; Chevy Duramax L X-Beam Howards Cams BX SKU: BX UPC: Category: Engine Components. Ultimate X Dodge A 4cyl. Connecting Rods A true American forged billet rod at prices as low as imported billets! These rods start with certified high nickel. Howards Ultimate Duty X-beam Connecting Rods For those of you wanting the best rod available for your build, look no further than these as there is nothing.

Engine Connecting Rod Set Model or Series:Ultimate X. They are specially Dodge Avenger Howards Cams Ultimate X X-Beam Connecting Rods . Howards GM Duramax L Extreme Duty X-Beam Forged Billet Rod New X- Beam Extreme Duty Design American Certified Aircraft Quality Steel American.

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