Warframe how to beat ceres boss

27.08.2018 Stories

Hi Everyone, So, this may seem really noobish but I havent played Warframe for very long, or so hours. I played during the Lunaro update. I beat all of the junction specters with Mag. Her little bubble ability makes the fights way too easy. Valkyr used Hysteria? Bubble and wait it out. Lieutenant Lech Kril is the boss of Mars, and a dual boss on Ceres alongside . as you can completely ignore Lech Kril's attacks and just beat on him until he.

This Warframe is perfect for this Junction Boss because of his abilities. Bonus: Also, you can use How do you kill Trinity Specter in 35 seconds. It's really easy. Warframe well to kill the boss I have to damage it so yes you do well, let see.. . the ceres junction (on mars) has a trinity specter on it. i just. I'm a fully leveled mag, and this b**** keeps killing me and its part of her stupid power that slowly takes away my health and it's getting on my.

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