What does rip mean in basketball

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On the rip-through, an offensive player intentionally swings his arms into an and heaves the ball toward the basket in hopes of drawing a foul. While Durant is the poster child for the rip-through, other players have. About This Play/Drill. Rip is the short term I use for a backscreen, I first heard it used by Tom Izzo at Michigan State. Basketball Play. Ripping is a good way to protect the ball from an overly aggressive Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats.

Basketball, like any other major sport, has its own unique words and phrases used by sports . Additionally, it does not always mean a player is being punished by the coach. .. Rimshot: a toss in which the ball hits the rim of the basket; Rip a C: A motion used while chinning the ball to create space during a pivot between an. Rip is a nickname for: Rip Bachor (–), American football player; Rip Coleman Richard Hamilton (basketball) (born ), American National Basketball Association player; Rip Hawkins (born ), American National Football. Now, what do I mean when I say basketball IQ? Certainly, I could have meant that Wes had good decision-making when it came to cuts and.

That means the defender often gets into illegal guarding position; KD's just exposing the defender's mistake when he does the rip-through. . doesn't get that many charges called on him the way he barrels to the basket. Nickname for Portland in re: to the success of the local basketball team The Trailblazers 2. Portland Top definition. rip city the recent winning streak of the blazers has filled many portlanders with the hope that this is the return of Rip City!.

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