Buzzfeed weird things women do when alone

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Nov 7, Praise every woman who does this and shares it with the world. . 34 Weird Things Other People Totally Do Too. Apr 17, I live alone and I have conversations/arguements with not present friends and family about issues both current and past that are on my mind. i. Weird Things Girls Do When They're Alone. TBH, it's more boob holding than you' d imagine. Posted on November 25, , at p.m.. Ashly Perez.

Feb 12, 31 Slightly Weird Things All Girls Do In The Bathroom But Don't Talk About .. And I mean women are also generally more sensitive to the cold. Oct 6, 1. Talk to yourself as you do things around the house. 2. Peer into every room for no reason at all, even your housemate's. 3. Practice a bit of. May 24, 44 Secret Gross Things That All Girls Do But Don't Talk About . bra as pockets, because let's face it: Women's jeans pockets are completely useless. . Let's add those weird hairs that grow out of random places on your face.

Apr 18, Looked at every man's crotch and thought, Hmm, there's a dick behind those pants. Not even in a sexual way. Just, like: It must be weird to. Nov 30, 28 Things Women Do On A Night Out That Men Rarely Have To Think About so you wouldn't have to walk into a bar or nightclub alone. . It's strange (and sad) how things haven't changed much in the 35+ years since my. Here are just some of the weird things girls do when they're alone, according to a bonus, BuzzFeed also made a "Weird Things Guys Do When They're Alone.

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