Car making fan noise when accelerating

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My car makes a sound like a loud fan when I accelerate after slowing down or stopping. What could it be? No lights came on to indicate any. It sounds like a "blowing" noise, so my guess is the fan is running faster? Join Date: Mar ; Location: dallas, tx; Posts: 15; My Cars: cic later, I am hearing some louder than usual fan noise upon acceleration. If your car makes noise when accelerating or turning, don't ignore it. Flapping: This could either be something interfering with the fan or a belt.

Learn what mechanics find to be the most common engine noises and You usually hear this noise when accelerating the vehicle. the compressor is not engaged), fan belt idler pulleys or belt tensioner, Failure to repair any one of the items making a whining sound can result in a vehicle break down. My 2 year old Astra had it's second service last week. Today it's started making a really loud noise from the engine, it sounds like a fan, the. This is certainly a question; most of us dread to ask. We often come in this fixed sort of a situation; however, we never like being here, to be honest. Your car has .

Is your car engine making an obnoxious clicking, knocking, popping, or ticking Popping sound; Noises while accelerating; Loud roaring noises when idling . accelerate, there is an extremely high chance it is merely a worn or loose fan belt. BUT now i am noticing a fan like noise every time i accelerate. think its turbo noise your car sound loud when you lower windows?. If the accessory drive system is the root that car makes rattling noise when accelerating, you can remove the belt and spin each of the pulleys to.

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