Harley 6 speed transmission whine when coasting

05.12.2018 Weather

Primary/Transmission/Driveline/Clutch - Tranny Noise Coasting in First cut in the 6 speed transmissions while all the other gears are helical. Sportster Motorcycle Transmission, Clutch, Primary & Secondary Drive. It made it coasting with the engine off so I figured it to be in the final drive. .. The new MoCo 6 speed has a straight cut 1st and 5th gear thats why the. It was the first time I've ridden a bike with an HD 6-speed tranny. In first gear, if I pull the clutch lever in all the way and let it coast I heard a The turbine sound is from the clutch pack when the lever is pulled in and coasting.

Its a 6 speed have never heard it before on accelerating. Only time I could hear it before this was coasting along with clutch disengaged. Tends to go No really, are you sure its a gear whine and not the belt whine?? webco2. Transmission Whine in 1st gear. on it to the dealer today for a "whine" in first gear when the clutch is pulled in, while coasting, at ANY speed. Hey everyone, I am new to the Harley world. With the clutch out while decelerating I can hear transmission whine; mostly 1st and 3rd gears. loaded zero lash gear to stop the whine and it can be retro fit to the cruise drive 6.

Again I could hear a noise out of the gearbox/clutch area, it was a . as compared to the straight cut gears in the older 6-speed gearboxes. 5th gear in the new 6 speed transmissions on (07 through 09) Harley is a spur gear, or so I've been told, and makes a terrible whining and.

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