How to start composting at school

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If your school is like most across the country, recycling has become a part of your culture. Why not take the next steps and start composting? With one-third of. Step-by-step guide to setting up a composting system at school If you would like to start composting food waste, it is worth starting with raw food waste such as. Educate peers about composting at the start of the school year. New routines are best estab- lished when introduced on the first day of school. • Initiate the.

3 | Page. 10 Steps to Starting a School Composting Operation. Step 1. Is composting right for your school? Gauge interest and develop your Composting Team. Composting School Food Scraps and Soiled Paper. Every school day Be sure to include the cafeteria and custodial staff from the start. • Set a goal – such as. Let's start off with creating the shelter Shelter - Setting Up Your Compost Bin Your compost heap/bin should ideally be: • Placed in a partially sunny spot to.

Steps and tips for how to start composting at work or your child's school by creating a new composting program. School Composting - Let's Get Growing · Why Composting? For more information, see our online book Composting in the Classroom or view the video It's.

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