What does mwo ye yo means

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So we talked a lot of about "iyeyo" and "yeyo" before. I keep coming The next one is 뭐예요 (Mwoyeyo). It means “What is it?/What's that?. 이에요 / 예요 [i-e-yo / ye-yo] 이에요 and 예요 have a similar role to that of the English When you want to say that ABC “is” DEF in Korean, if the word for “DEF ” has a 뭐 [mwo] 8. 뭐예요? [mwo-ye-yo?] 9. 저예요. [jeo-ye-yo] = it's me. [ copied]. would be, “i-geo mwo-ye-yo?” Informal way to say “What is this?” would be, “i-geo mwo-ya?” In this example, “i-geo” means “this” and.

App recommendation [email protected] HiNative for Android. Rating icon (19, ). Use the app. Sign in · Sign up · HiNative · What does i-reu-m. 이에요/-예요 [-i-e-yo/-ye-yo]. In the previous lesson, you learned how -이에요 [-i-e -yo] and -예요 [-ye-yo] can be placed after a noun to express the meaning of “It is ABC” or “I am DEF.” [i-geo mwo-ye-yo?] = What is this? 이거 마이크예요. AGAIN, just change mwo yeyo[muwo yeyo] to mueossibnikka[muwo syimnika] And so The word MUEOS is made, that originaly means is," WHAT ARE". +.

We all love KPOP and Korean novela BUT, Do we really understand what they're Hangug-eo- means korean Language + Impolite: ileum-eun mwo ye yo?. I think you want to ask what 'mwoya' means? it roughly means, 'what is it?' Its actually the word mwo-ya but when you listen to the native speakers it sounds. in the newbie lesson the line "ireum-i myo-yeyo?".. and in the beginner lesson 15 the line "mwo-reul meokgoyo?" why the use of "mwo" is. 년 5월 26일 The verb ending -(으)ㄴ/는지 is basically used with verbs related to knowing, guessing, informing, thinking, etc, for expressing the meaning “whether or not”. [i-geo mwo-ye-yo?] [mwo sa-go si-peun-ji mal-hae ju-se-yo.].

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