What if your dog eats ant poison

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If it were a large dog, it probably wouldn't be that big of a deal. Calculate how many ants the amount of poison your dog ate would have killed. What if you have a dog that likes to eat ant traps!? If it is poisonous to the ants, what will it do to your dog? The answer is: hopefully, not too much. The ant poison. As others have said - you should definitely consult your vet/ASPCA. Do it! Your dog might not show any signs, but those may show even 2 days after.

Products designed to fight ants, roaches, and other insect pests can be poisonous to dogs. Consuming rodenticide – or a rodent that has been poisoned – can. The most common insecticide that dogs tend to eat is the ant or roach baits. and contact poison control if you believe your dog ingested an ant or roach bait. Ant traps may seem like everyday elements around your home, but they can hold hidden dangers for dogs. If your dog ate an ant trap, don't.

Animals that have eaten some ant bait do not usually need treatment To be honest, there is more risk from dogs ingesting the plastic bait stations so you don't need to panic if your pet ingests a small amount of ant bait. Having a plan for when your dog or can eats something poisonous could save your furry friend's life. There are many ways that dogs can get poisoned by ingesting things Ant baits: These contain boric acid which is toxic to dogs if eaten in a large amount.

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