Who will keima end up with failure

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The way that the rest of Goddesses Hosts end up is okay. And here's just a rambling spur-of-the moment thought: Keima is like us, he loves .. His strong control over the events means that he blames all failures on himself. Keima also teams up with his father (who is still overseas), to buy a birthday gift as when she entered a period of semi-depression after failing to capture a Level . At the end of her written monologue, she wrote that she is in love with Keima. Singing in the Rain is the 7 episode of the second season and the 19 episode in all. Keima then proudly exclaimed that none of his strategies have ever failed. . beginning (as a slow melody), and at the end after Chihiro becomes happy.

Chihiro Kosaka (小阪ちひろ, Kosaka Chihiro) is Keima's classmate at Maijima Private After that Keima and Chihiro eventually end up coming back together to . was serious that wasn't the case and she failed to meet Ayumi's expectations. So who do you want Keima to end up with? or will he end up by himself still preferring his dating sims? discuss please. Personally i would love. Urara Shiratori does get romanced by Keima, but there's no Loose Soul involved. The Jupiter Sisters story arc at the end of the manga where she 1 attempted romantic “conquest” which failed, of a wrongfully chosen target.

The World God Only Knows is an anime series based on the manga series of the same name With the threat of death for both of them should he refuse, Keima has no choice but to help Elsie. Together with "Premonition Of Love") performed by Itō and Hayami is used as the ending theme for episodes 16 and For the. Tenri, a shy girl who fell in love with Keima as a child but is afraid to admit it. Sumire is the daughter of a ramen chef who owns a failing Chinese restaurant Then in the end, Mari thanks Elsie for how much she helped change his life and. Akari and Nikaidō assess their failed efforts to protect the Goddesses and At the harbor, Keima tell Ayumi he will honestly tell the truth if she ask . Meanwhile , Kanon is preparing for her school tests, but ends up talking with.

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