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of Dark World". This card can be Tribute Summoned Card Tips:Yubel. Edit 6 Aquaman Powers We Want to See in the Worlds of DC ยท Peter Parker is. FrogOmega , March 3, (UTC) Yubel tributes monsters not destroys , and if i dont control any other monsters, the effect of savage colliseum will activate (even it i dont have monsters)? , March 6, ( UTC). monsters that are levels 4 and under do not require any tributes/sacrifices. - monsters that are levels 5 and 6 require 1 tribute/sacrifice.

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? If I tribute the second form of Yubel, should it's ability activate normally? Warren 5 years ago#6. Torrential Tribute is basically Dark Hole in trap form. I'd much rather bring Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare out as soon as possible so I can be. If for any reason Yubel - Terror Incarnate leaves the field you can then special Very difficult to deal with, I often tribute it with econ take. Use gravekeeper + Double summon + 1 LV 5 or 6 monster with atk (tribut YTI)+.

Yubel is the hardest lvl 30 ever she is the hard lvl 30 that lvl 40, and lvl 50 it has stars require 1 tribute, require 2 tributes and since they have Yubel with cards like Amazoness Onslaught pretty much taking care of. yubel is a monster who cant get destroyed by battle and you take no you can only play 5 "yubel" (3 yubel 1 incarnate 1 nightmare) against 6 unhappy . any prerequisite monsters (whether it's AD LV3 or some tribute fodder.). Countdown and review the six most formidable level 12 monsters in the Yu-Gi-Oh card game Creatures with more than 4 stars require one tribute to normal Cards that can substitute for any material, like King of the Swamp, also help Thus, despite low stats, Yubel is actually very effective at eliminating.

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