How to cook pig head lech on

25.08.2018 World News TV

Before you cringe, say “eeeewww” or be grossed out, I want you to know that Lechon [Spit-Roasted Pig](click to see) is a must-have of any. This recipe of crispy ulo ng baboy is roasted pig's head using a turbo But you can still enjoy it because the only tasty part of the lechon is the. Remove any hair on head by singeing over an open flame or plucking as needed . Scrub well (using a vegetable brush, if desired) and then sprinkle with lots of.

Lechon or Philippines roasted pig is one of the tasty food everyone craves for. Even non-Filipinos who tasted this food keeps coming for it. The taste and the. In large cities you will find pig's head in ethnic butcher shops, particularly in Chinatown. The roasted head yields quantities of crunchy skin, and. Here are two simple ways to prepare a whole pig's head, one of them being the famous head cheese, which as nothing to do with cheese and is very Paleo.

Dear reader. I shaved a pig's head in my kitchen. That's not some sort of weird euphemism, let me make that perfectly clear. It was for a recipe. I wanted to show . Since a whole pig will be too much for a small group of 6, Lechon pork head will be a sufficient alternative which we can easily prepare in the.

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