How to grow tigridia bulbs

07.11.2018 World News TV

Plant Tigridia shell flowers in the garden in spring. In warmer areas where bulbs are not lifted, tiger flower care includes division every few. Growing Tigridia, also commonly known as Mexican Shell Flower or Tiger bulbs, is unbelievably easy, and provides eye-popping results in the summer garden. Select from a wide assortment of tiger flower bulbs for your next spring project. Tigridia, commonly known as Tigerflower or Mexican Shell Flower, is a fabulous.

Tigridia bulbs flower in the summer, reach 18 to 24 inches in height, and produce gladiola-like leaves and a tri-petal flower ranging in color from white, yellow. Since the “mexican flower” is a member of the Iris Family and related to the gladiolus, it is grown the same way. Its corms or bulbs are not planted until the soil. Here is a summer bulb flower which is so sophisticated and sexy yet so easy to grow, it is silly! Tigridia is a treasure of the mid - late summer garden.

These four photos demonstrate some of the color variations found in flowers of Tigridia pavonia grown from one collection of seeds harvested. Each flower lasts just one day, but each plant creates several blossoms. Tigridia pavonia flowers are commonly sold as bulbs, but better quality plants are. Plant the bulbs in spring. Select a sunny position in the herbaceous border. Tigridia like well-loosened and composted soil with good drainage. Space the bulbs.

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