How to understand vap test results

24.01.2019 World News TV

The Vertical Auto Profile (VAP) test augments the standard cholesterol profile with additional measurements that can . Understanding Your VAP Test Results . You can learn more about it at If your test results show the majority of your particles are the small undesirable kind. After last week’s post on interpreting traditional lipid tests, I promised a follow-up post on interpreting the advanced VAP and NMR Lipoprofile tests that provide measurements of particle size and all the various sub-fractions of HDL and LDL particles. NMR Lipoprofile.

Your VAP® Cholesterol Test is a comprehensive lipid panel that improves upon the The following definitions will help you understand your lipids and their. Understanding Your NMR LipoProfile Test Results. The Science Behind the Test. Highest Risk. High number of small. LDL particles. Low Risk. Low number of. Understanding LDL The illustration is of the VAP Lipid test profile with clear demarcation of the different lipoprotein classes and subclasses. . LDL-C levels are discordant, 51, 52 As a result of the LDL-C limitations, in some populations.

I know a VAP measures cholesterol LDL particle size. But how do I know what FLUFFY and DENSE is with the test result number.. And then. Overview of VAP (Vertical Auto Profile), one of the brand names given to a commercial, proprietary method for testing lipoproteins in blood. The VAP® (Vertical Auto Profile) Test is the most accurate and comprehensive cholesterol test available today, measuring 15 separate components of blood. But whether the results can improve your health remains uncertain. The VAP is one example of so-called advanced lipoprotein testing, which.

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