What is hydromorph contin 3mg

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HYDROMORPH CONTIN 3MG Capsule HYDROMORPH CONTIN 6MG Capsule HYDROMORPH CONTIN 12MG Capsule. Hydromorph Contin 3mg 12h-capsule. This medication is a narcotic pain reliever. Typically, it is used for pain. Its effects can be noticed within a few hours. Hydromorphone: Find the most comprehensive real-world treatment information on 15 patient evaluations for Hydromorphone. Sort by: Dosage: 3 mg Daily.

HYDROMORPH CONTIN® should therefore be prescribed and handled with the . HYDROMORPH CONTIN® capsules. Prescribing Summary. 3 mg. mg. •Any changes? • New 24 hr dose is ~6 mg a day. • Increase routine to 1 mg every 4 hours. • Start Hydromorph Contin 3 mg BID. • BT = 10% - ~ still around to. HYDROMORPH CONTIN® is a trademark of Purdue Pharma. Dilaudid® is a . 3 mg: D&C Yellow No, FD&C Green No mg: FD&C.

HYDROMORPH CONTIN® is a trademark of Purdue Pharma analgesics may be initiated on HYDROMORPH CONTIN 3 mg every 12 hours. Hydromorph Contin-controlled Release Cap - 3mg, Capsule, extended release, 3 mg, Oral, Purdue Pharma, , Not applicable, Canada Canada. on the faxed list for “HYDROmorph Contin mg q12h orally” was midstep option between the 3 mg and the 6 mg doses. However, the. HYDROmorphone and morphine are deemed high risk/high alert HYDROmorphone = Dilaudid (Injectable), Jurnista (SR), HYDROmorph Contin ( SR).

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