Where is beshtak palace

27.08.2018 World News TV

The Beshtak Palace or Qasr Bashtak ("Palace of Bashtak") is a historic palace and museum in Cairo, Egypt, built by the Mamluk amir Bashtak in the 14th century. The Beshtak Palace is a notable stop for tourists because of its museum which documents the history of the city of Cairo, and its beautiful Qaa (chamber). On the . About Beshtak Palace - قصر الأمير بشتاك. Prince Bashtak Palace is one of the architectural masterpieces dates back to Mamluk Period in Egypt. The palace.

The Palace of Amir Beshtak was built by Amir Beshtak al-Nasiri, one of al-Nasir Muhammad's close khassakiya amirs and his son-in-law. Beshtak Palace Cairo situated on the Muizz Avenue in Cairo. The palace of Beshtak is near to Abdel Rahamn Katkhuda Sabil. In fact, it constructed by Prince . At the Sabil-Kuttab of Kathkuda, take the little alleyway that leads to Qasr Beshtak (Palace of Amir Beshtak), a rare example of 14th-century domestic architecture.

CAIRO - 18 August In the center of historical Cairo is the Prince Beshtak palace. It is considered by archaeologists as the most lavish. Cairo, Egypt: Angham El Sharq Band at Amir Beshtak Palace, Thursday 30 June , Angham El Sharq band performs Traditional Arabic music at Amir. Cairo, Egypt: Oshaak Al Naghm at Beshtak Palace, Tuesday 7 August , Having already found celebrity this Ramadan with frequent TV appearances.

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